Dr. Roy L. Johnson, Jr. also known as "The Launchologist"

Chief Executive Officer/Visionary/Humble Servant Leader/Business & Life Empowerment Coach

Dr. Roy L. Johnson, Jr., a beacon of unwavering determination and heartfelt commitment, stands as a living testament to the power of a purpose-driven life. Born and raised in the heart of Houston, Texas, Dr. Johnson's journey was sculpted by dreams that knew no bounds, and a resolute spirit that refused to yield to adversity.

Dr. Johnson's journey began with audacious goals that would eventually see him become the first in his family to don the cap and gown of a college graduate. Armed with a biology degree from Texas A&M University – College Station in 2004, Dr. Johnson's thirst for knowledge remained insatiable. He fervently pursued higher education, obtaining an MBA with a healthcare management focus and a master's degree with a project management specialization. Most recently, he obtained his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Christian Leadership and Business. The pursuit of excellence became his guiding star.

But Dr. Johnson's passion for learning didn't stop at formal degrees. He embarked on a journey to equip himself with a diverse array of skills, gaining certifications as a Professional Life Coach, Entrepreneurship Coach, Life Purpose Coach, and more. Through every challenge and uncertainty that crossed his path, Dr. Johnson embraced them as opportunities for growth, soaring through tempests with the grace of an eagle, breaking barriers, and dispelling limitations.

Embracing his destiny as a trailblazer and firestarter, Dr. Johnson's entrepreneurial spirit found its home. "The Launchologist" emerged the force behind The Business Launcher LLC, igniting dreams and nurturing aspirations into tangible realities. Through his infectious optimism, Dr. Johnson empowers others to navigate from stagnation to manifestation, breathing life into their visions, and nurturing the seeds of ambition.

Dr. Johnson's influence extends beyond words, gracing the platforms of The Voyage Houston, The Voyage Austin, and other prestigious publications. His impactful voice resonated in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, as a motivational speaker, spreading inspiration that spans borders. As one of the authors of "Strategic Entrepreneurship, The NIA Way," Dr. Johnson's wisdom is etched into pages that empower others to conquer challenges with resilience and dedication.

Not one to rest on laurels, Dr. Johnson's journey continues to break new grounds. Crowned Mr. MIBOP 2022 and Mr. MBLEP 2023, Dr. Johnson's regal spirit is matched only by his humility. He graced the cover of Queendom Magazine, shattering stereotypes and proving that dreams know no boundaries. His legacy soared higher still, as he now holds the position of Admissions Growth Specialist of Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University (SGLU), received the esteemed Educator of the Year Award from Entrepreneur Empire Awards, and inclusion in Marquis Who’s Who, an accolade that etches his name into history.

With grace and humility, Dr. Roy L. Johnson, Jr. understands the significance of paying forward the blessings he's received. His life story is an authentic testament to the boundless potential of education, an inspiration for both the young and the wise. As the soil of transformation is tilled by champions unyielding, Dr. Johnson stands tall, a beacon of hope and a guiding light to a future defined by dreams realized and lives transformed. Explore his offerings and bask in his wisdom, for Dr. Johnson's journey is a tapestry of dedication, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to a world where every aspiration finds its wings.

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